Thursday, May 15, 2008

Women Love Guys In Panties

My boyfriend likes me to wear my panties for a while after we make love so they get all sticky then he wears my panties to work the next day. I think it is a super turn on.I stay hot all day thinking of him wearing my wet sticky panties

My wife buys almost all of my panties. She also doesn't mind me wearing her hose. I like all the lingerie that women get to wear I have met a lot of women who get turned on more when I wear them. With one of my exes we had matching outfits with the garters and stockings and all. we used to go out on the town like that.

My girlfriend loves that I wear women's panties and other girly things! She spends a lot of money at eBay (as do I), looking for pretty panties for me to model for her.

My wife bought me 2 pair of satin string bikini panties for Christmas this year. She gets very turned on when I wear them. We have bought many matching pairs to wear together. now, That is all I wear and she buys them all for me!

I love it when my boyfriend wears my panties!! i think its real hott. he loves to go out and buy them, and he don't care who sees him. he will buy me some and then end up with them. at first i didn't know what to think now i love his cute ass in thongs!!

I love wearing panties. My girlfriend dressed me up for Halloween as a woman. We had some awesome sex while we both were wearing panties. Also she told her other friends about it and they ask me all the time to show them to prove I'm wearing panties. They all think it's really cute I do this. Big plus for me is they really feel good too.

its time men come out and let the world know who we are, women have ben wearing are clothes for 75 years its time we give it back to them. i see it all the time women wearing mens clothes and underwear no one even blinks lets all band together. Men should be able to wear panties, guys in panties unite.

I love wearing women's panties. MY wife knows and enjoys it. I borrow from her drawer or wear her used panties, I love satin string bikini panties the best. Keeps me hard all day long, then leave them on as we have panty sex.

I love it when my man wears my panties the sight of his silk covered hardon makes me wet

I have been wearing panties and pantyhose for years! My wife likes to buy them for me and she likes the huge hardon I have as I model them for her! I gave up on men's underear years ago! She loves the look of a huge hardon in a Lace thong! We also have started to wear panties to the beach! When I wear Lace panties to the beach it really turns the womens heads! As they look, things rise very nicely, then the women just smile! Lace panties is what all men should wear!

I have been wearing ladies knickers for years, they are much more comfortable and practical than most of what's on offer for us guys. Boxers are incredibly uncomfortable and knickers offer great support. None of my girlfriends have ever objected either.

I like to control my husband. I require that he wear my panties, after I've worn them the previous day of course, or some other article of mine almost everyday. He must wear something like my panties or camisole or pantyhose (I usually won't let him wear socks) or bra or whatever else I decide. When he gets home from work he must immediately change into one of my old dresses or blouse and skirt while I change into something with pants. Then throughout the evening I will remind him that I wear the pants in the family by asking him to describe to me what I'm wearing and then what he's wearing. At night he must wear a short nightie, so I can easily get to him, while I wear boxers and a t-shirt. To all the ladies out there, put your man in panties and other feminine clothes and watch him melt.

When I heard on TV @ a race car driver wearing his wife's panties for good luck i started by telling my husband he should do the same thing. he first tried wearing my panties and now wears his own, started as a joke (kinda) but,now he has his own collection of stretch lace, thongs, cotton bikini's etc., etc., and I get really WET when I see that huge erection straining to be 'free' of its microfibre cage. he says those are his favs 'cause they hold his big boner and caress him as if it were my own hands or lips. I just melt and get very juicy between my legs when he takes off his pants so i can see his gigantic trouser snake wrapped in pretty female panties. then we have THE best sex until we're both exhausted. More men should try wearing panties. if ONLY! they really knew what it does to us women, maybe they would!!!

I have always been aroused by the thought of wearing women's underwear and after "sneaking some try on's" from my wife's drawer, am convinced that they can be the most comfortable, erotic piece of clothing anyone can wear. I have since bought some satin thongs, both the string as well as the conventional type, and look forward to putting a new pair on every day. It is exciting to be wearing white pants with a black satin thong which would have a bit of show through. It really can make long days be a lot easier.

I enjoy wearing womans panties, have been wearing my wifes panties for many years and she gets so turned on when I wear her panties. She loves to take off her panties and put them over my head so I can smell her pussy jucies while she takes another pair of her panties and slips it around my cock.

My wife loves lace panties or thongs wraped around my large pole. If I do not wear lace she is upset and will not go out with me till I change. When out, she loves to make sure that my lace is wrapped right around my balls making me horny as ever! Any chance we get she makes sure i am dressed in lace and letting her see what is hanging out!. When possiable such as the beach she wants me to march in in front of an women sun bathing making sure I give them a good show. She wants to see how the react to her panty boy's huge laced pole! Panties are the only choice!

Panties and pantyhose have fascinated me for years. I like to look at them, touch them, smell them and of course, wear them. A couple of years ago i got up the courage (after a few glasses of wine ) to tell my wife about my fetish. I just wished I'd told her sooner. She was fine about it, and we now often have sex with my wearing her frillies. I find it a teriffic turn on, and I'm pretty sure she does too. Even when I'm just ready for a bit of straighforward sex, she'll suggest a spot of 'dressing up'. A couple of times we've had sex while I was wearing a pair of her tight little bikini briefs stretched over my head and face! Fantastic!

I wear my wife panties every chance I get. It started with me wearing her panties and very gradually wearing other things, but I'm lucky because we wear about the same size so it makes it easy for me to do. We've even gone out for short periods of time during darkness with me wearing one of her outfits. I started by wearing one of her blouses and pants and then got up the nerve to put on one of her skirt outfits. Just about everyday I wear panties, hose, etc. under my male clothes, but when I get home from work I will change into something of hers.

I love panties I have been wearing them for about six years now. I think wearing them makes me feel good. I think every man should wear them and the ladies not care.

i love wearing women's panties. they feel so nice and soft.

Guys Wearing Panties

I think wearing panties is awesome. I have been wearing panties forever and my lady loves it. I cant wait untill we go out shopping together to pick us out new pantiesAll men should wear them and see how well they really do feel. Just because men wear panties dont mean they are gay or bi sexual. Dont knock it untill you try it

Men Wearing Panties

Men wearing panties is probably alot more common than what most people would guess. 8 out of 10 men have tried wearing panties sometime or another in their life, usually at a very young age. 4 out of 10 men wear ladies panties, and 80% of men who do wear panties are straight. Men wear panties for the same reason ladies do, they are light weight, they are soft, comfy and make us feel sexy.